Day in the Life Sessions

Are you asking yourself, “What the heck is a Day in the Life Session?”  I’m here to answer just that question for you!

Day in the Life Sessions

Day in the Life Sessions are photography sessions over the course of several hours (between four and eight).  They capture everyday, candid photos.  Yet, these sessions also give a glimpse at special relationships between individuals, and these relationships are a bit elusive in a short, more formal portrait session.

A Family and Lifestyle Photo Shoot

Day in the Life Sessions are my absolute favorite type of family session, because these sessions do not only capture the people, but also the objects that you interact with, the things that you do, and possibly the places you go to.  These objects, activities, and places that you visit can often change from year to year, which makes it so very interesting when people look back on Day in Life photographs.  I truly believe that if you only took the time and effort to document one day, every year, for the rest of your life that you would create a time capsule of your everyday moments for the next generation (as well as yourself to look back on).

I try to do at least one Day in the Life Session each year for our family.  It’s a unique way to capture the new milestones that Atizle is hitting as she grows bigger and bigger (wow – was it only three years ago that she fit in the crook of my arm?!).  Plus, this style of photography captures those random things that change over time, such as moving into a new home, getting a new vehicle, redecorating your house, and even little things like your current favorite coffee mug!

A Selfie Day in the Life (March 2016)

These photos offer a peek into our typical day here at Adria Black Art.