Current Projects:

Documenting the Quad Cities (Iowa and Illinois) Series

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Day in the Life Sessions

Day in the Life Sessions are fantastic for capturing everyday moments and relationships.  Below is an example of one of our Day in the Life Sessions at Adria Black Art.

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Professional Bio:

Andrea graduated from Southern Illinois University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Photography and a minor in Museum Studies.  Then, she obtained her master’s degree in Museum Studies from Western Illinois University.  After graduation, she went on to work in the retail world in order to provide for her family, which was tied down due to local family connections.  Andrea realized that something was missing and she felt emotionally out of whack, so she started looking for creative outlets.  Soon after art journaling, she started to rediscover who she was and it reignited her passion for the creative.  Now she scrapbooks to document her young daughter’s life, photography to fuel her creative energy, art journaling and mixed media art to get out the feelings, and bullet journals to help plan her life.