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Spray Paint Art Ideas – Inspiration Monday

A warm up painting for the start of the 2018 spray paint season by Adria Black. Check out Adria Black Art for more spray paint art ideas.

It’s officially spray paint season!  In celebration of the 2018 spray paint season, I’ve gathered up a round up of some of my current favorite spray painting artists, videos, and spray paint art ideas on Youtube.  These artists are currently inspiring my own artwork for the 2018 painting season.

I’m starting a new series for the blog on Mondays called Inspiration Monday.  These posts will detail what is currently inspiring my newest artwork and creative projects.  The first installment will feature spray paint, since it is finally warm enough for me to paint here in Illinois, if perhaps a little too warm.  This series will give you a glimpse into what inspired my artwork and a peek behind the scenes of my creation process.  Hopefully, this series will leave you also feeling inspired and ready to tackle your own creative projects.

A look at my spray paint work station. Spray Paint Art Ideas and Inspiration
One of my spray paint work areas that I use to create my paintings. This one is in my backyard and is set up for the first spray paintings of the 2018 season!

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