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Word of the Year – New Year’s Resolutions Differently

Every year people around the world tend to set New Year’s Resolutions at the beginning of the year.  Unfortunately, most people fail to see any headway on these resolutions, whether it is the desire to lose weight or become more organized or whatever.  I am definitely one of those people who discovered that New Year’s Resolutions just don’t work for me.  Instead, I believe in choosing a word of the year to help guide me.  This word helps me to set and focus the various goals that I desire to accomplish.  For 2018, my word of the year is going to be Intentional.

Word of the Year

If you haven’t ever heard about this way of setting yourself up for success for the new year, I would recommend you check out Ali Edward’s One Little Word.  I first learned about the idea of choosing a guiding word for the year from her.  I have been doing it for about 6 years now.  In the past, I’ve chosen words such as Create, Explore, Action, Focus, and Flow.  Each year these words help to guide my business and my creativity.  Additionally, they also effect and influence other parts of my life.

Examples of Past Word of the Year Choices

For example, I chose Create many years ago when I was feeling stifled and frustrated.  I filled 5 art journals that year.  I created quite a bit of artwork.  However, I also created new relationships and friendships, started a new job, and created the foundation for this awesome business here at Adria Black Art – even if I didn’t know it then!

Another year, I chose the word Flow.  This was the year of dealing with a new baby.  I spent this year figuring out how I could still create my artwork with Atizle needing almost constant attention when I was not working at my day job.
Intentional is my word of the year for 2018. I created this ransom letter style art piece using my word of the year. Artwork created by Adria Black Art.
Intentional is my word of the year for 2018. I created this ransom letter style art piece using my word of the year. Artwork created by Adria Black Art.

Intentional in my Business

This year, I have chosen the word Intentional.  I am often distracted by what I call the “Ooooo, shiny” syndrome.  I get distracted and run around on rabbit trails on the occasion.  Or I may see a squirrel.  If any of you feel this same way at times, you know exactly what I mean!

This year, I want to be more Intentional about how I am using my time, primarily in regards to my art business.  Especially, since Atizle is in regular preschool, and I have several hours every day to devote to working and creating.  Also, I seek to be more Intentional with the artwork I am making, including the reasons behind that artwork.  I love creating art for art’s sake.  However, I also want to be thinking about the final presentation of my artwork. Is it a pattern for new Society 6 products or a stand-alone print?  By keeping these presentation factors in mind, I will stop wasting so much time going back and forth.  Additionally, I need to be more Intentional with developing systems and standards to guide my business.

How I think Intentional will Effect my Personal Life

Obviously, I don’t always know what effect my word of the year will have on my personal life.  However, I seek to be more Intentional with my work hours, so that I’m not working ALL THE TIME.  I’ve decided for this year that I will try to stop work hours around 4 p.m. each day, so that I can properly spend time with my family.  Instead of the usual, mmhmm, sure type responses that I know they currently receive, because I’m distracted trying to finish something work-related.

So I’m aiming to be more Intentional this year, instead of relying solely on New Year’s Resolutions to make me achieve a certain set goal.  In a way, claiming a word of the year is like agreeing to a habit.  The habit of being more Intentional with my time, my limited resources, and my relationships.  What do you think about New Year’s Resolutions?  Do they work for you?  Have you ever tried using a Word of the Year?  I’d love to hear all of your thoughts in the comments below!

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